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All American Specialty Services

We Fix Chimney Leaks!

Metal Fabrication and Welding 

In Jacksonville FL the tops of many chimneys are in need of some type of repair due to a chimney leak. Due to the age of many homes in and around the city, time and weather have taken their toll on these homes chimneys. If the chimney top does not have a chimney cap or chase cover, or the current one is rusty, homeowners are literally playing with fire. Chimney leaks can do damage inside the system that is undetectable to the untrained eye. Our technicians are trained professionals and diagnose chimney leaks on a daily basis. In 2012 we diagnosed so many chimney leaks we opened a metal shop specializing in custom chimney caps and chase covers. So now while the competition outsources your chimney caps, chase covers, chase pans, wind shrouds, and blank offs All American Specialty Services builds them in house, right here in Jacksonville FL. We fabricate and weld higher quality products and cut out the middle man to save you money! Then we back them with a 20 year, no questions asked, warranty!

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