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We Fix Chimney Leaks!


Chimneys Jacksonville FL

Posted on July 20, 2016 at 5:36 PM
chimney leaks are no match for an aluminum chase cover and wind shroud in Jacksonville FLaluminum chase covers fix chimney leaks in Jacksonville FloridaFor over 5 years Jacksonville FL has turned to All American Specialty Services for all their fireplace and chimney servicing and repairs.  Whether it be an inspection before buying or selling a home or a full restoration of a 100 year old fireplace and chimney, All American Specialty Services has the experience to get the job done right.  One particular problem that is plaguing Jacksonville Florida and the surrounding areas is rusty chase covers.  Many times homeowners refer to this as the chimney cap, but on a prefabricated fireplace the chimney cap is typically just a round top with a spark arrestor.  The chase cover is essentially the roof for the chimney pipe.  They come in all sizes so each new chase cover must be custom fabricated.  All American Specialty Services performs this service in house and cuts out the middle man.  This makes it possible to offer better products at the best prices. Using heavy gauge welded aluminum the problem is fixed rather than putting a bandage on the issue.  While a chase cover is not the prettiest bill in the world, usually between $400-$700 installed, it is much better than the alternative.  If the chase cover is not replaced water will leak further into the system creating more rust and eventually a hole in the system.  At that point the entire fireplace and chimney must be replaced and that bill can range from $4000-$10,000.  The chase cover no longer sounds so bad when looking at the long term effects of a chimney leak ignored.  Let All American Specialty Services provide a free proposal for a chimney leak or any other chimney repair by scheduling an in home consultation here

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