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Jacksonville FL Chimney Sweep

Posted on September 2, 2013 at 5:11 PM
Many home owners in north Florida have fireplaces and chimneys that are actually considered an appliance.  A factory built fireplace or prefabricated fireplace is actually considered an appliance and is UL listed.  The owners manual almost assuredly recommends annual service or inspection of the fireplace and chimney in order to assure proper working condition.  It also likely recommends inspection after a heavy storm or if the chimney cap or chimney chase are hit by a tree, limb, or other object.  In Jacksonville FL the Chimney Sweep home owners and management companies turn too is All American Specialty Services. Because of the belief that no fireplace and chimney should be neglected and every home owner and management professional should be well versed in the fireplaces in their homes, All American Specialty Services always provides the best education and information to its customers.  Along with providing the most intensive and thorough chimney sweep in Jacksonville FL and the surrounding areas. 
If the top portion of your fireplace and chimney looks like this picture than it is a prefabricated or factory built chimney.  Only the top round portion is the chimney cap.  The round visible pipe is the outer chimney pipe.  The storm collar is at the lower portion of the pipe and stops water from entering between the pipe and the chase pan.  The flat piece of metal where the pipe enters the chase is most often referred to as a chase pan or chase cover.  It blocks water from entering the hollow chase down to the roof.  If the chase cover becomes rusty it should be replaced immediately in order to stop more costly damage to the system.

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