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We Fix Chimney Leaks!


Leak in Chimney Jacksonville FL

Posted on June 2, 2013 at 10:09 PM
Water leaks in and around chimneys can be hard to diagnose unless you understand how your fireplace and chimney are constructed.  In Jacksonville FL homeowners turn to All American Specialty Services for the best diagnosis and repair service at the fairest prices. Call 904-422-0504 or visit for more information.  In many cases a water leak can be determined just by the location of where you see the water.  If the water is at the ceiling inside the room or on the sheet rock or wall, it is likely the leak is at the flashing.  If you see the water inside the fireplace or firebox, it is most likely coming straight down he chimney due to a faulty or missing chimney cap or due to blowing rain.  If you can hear dripping on top of the fireplace or at the ceiling but cannot see any other signs of water, it is likely due to a faulty chase pan.  In any of these cases other factors could be at play and they are all extremely important issues that should be resolved as soon as possible.  A small water leak can quickly turn into a major repair if it is not fixed in a timely manner.  All American Specialty Services believes in giving this advice to you because we care about your home and family, we believe in offering service beyond what you expect, and we believe in offering the fairest prices if you find that any water leak in a chimney in or around Jacksonville FL is too much for you to handle.  Please visit our website and see pictures of work we have completed and read more about us and what we believe.

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