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Dryer Vent Installer orange Park FL

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 6:22 AM
If you are in search of the best dryer vent installer or dryer vent cleaning in Orange Park FL call 904-422-0504 or visit for the best in the industry. Locally owned and operated the professionals at All American Specialty Services have been providing the best quality work at the fairest prices in Orange Park year after year. We believe that providing top quality service for dryer vent installation, repair, or service is an important standard maintnance for your home or business. Dryer vents catch more homes on fire each year than chimneys. This is due to the low ignition temperature of the extremely flammable lint being exhausted through the system. They also can cause water damage and/or mold. If the vent is longer than 5ft chances are it will clog and become less efficient. Often this causes the moist air in the duct to become trapped and settle in pools of water. The systems are typically not water tight and this causes water leaks and mold. Through routine maintnance these hazards can be avoided and your utility bill will be lowered in the process. The harder your dryer works to push the air out the higher your utility bill. So if you are in need of a dryer vent installer or dryer vent cleaner in Orange Park FL and you believe as we do in getting the best service at the fairest prices call 904-422-0504 and let us exceed your expectations.

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