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Dryer Vent Cleaning Orange Park FL

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 8:36 AM
Does your dryer take more than one cycle to dry clothes? It is most likely do to a clogged dryer vent aka dryer exhaust duct. Call 904-422-0504 for no hassle pricing and let the professionals at All American Specialty Services get the lint out. It will not only increase your dryer efficiency, it will also decrease your electric or gas bill. In Orange Park FL many dryer vents exhaust vertically through the roof. Over time the lint builds up on the walls of the vent reducing air flow and increasing the risk of fire! Don't become a statistic. Call the company that believes in providing exceptional service at the fairest price around. All American Specialty Services believes that to advertise $45 for dryer vent cleaning Just to get a phone call is dishonest and not a good business practice. Once you call the companies advertising that price they will upsell other services or change the price do to the length of your dryer vent. Call the All Americans who have the tools and expertise to provide the best dryer vent cleaning in the industry at the fairest, straight forward, and standard pricing. Visit for more information on who we are and what we believe.

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