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We Fix Chimney Leaks!

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A chimney is a structure for venting harmful soot and smoke from a fireplace, stove, boiler, or another solid fuel burning appliance. Chimneys are normally constructed vertical, or as close as possible. This is to ensure that the gases flow smoothly through the system and outside of the dwelling. Many factors can affect how a fireplace vents including but not limited too furnaces, A/C units, windows, and doors. If your fireplace is not venting properly, do not leave your family and home at risk. We have the professionals ready to serve all your fireplace and chimney needs. From a chimney sweep in Jacksonville FL to installs and repairs, we have the experience to get the job done professionally. Contact Us!

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A fireplace is negative pressure system. When built properly it will use air from inside the dwelling and force it up and out of the chimney. However, not all of the burnt fuel in that air makes it out of the chimney. This is creosote and it accumulates on the interior of your chimney liner. This is why it is important for all homes is Jacksonville FL to have an annual chimney sweep or inspection. In drawing this air out of the dwelling it creates the need for makeup air. If the makeup air is inadequate the system will back puff. Much like a two liter bottle gulping for air as it is poured out. The biggest difference is that a back puffing chimney puts smoke in your home! Get an annual chimney sweep by our professionals! Many factors can affect the performance of your fireplace and chimney system. Our professional service can diagnose and fix all of your fireplace, chimney, and venting problems and perform any type of chimney sweep or chimney repair in Jacksonville FL and the surrounding areas. Creosote deposits can build up in your system in a number of stages and for different reasons. Deposits of creosote can interfere with the airflow and more importantly, they are flammable and can cause dangerous chimney fires if the deposits ignite in the chimney. Creosote is also corrosive in nature and over time can damage the unseen areas of your fireplace and chimney. This can lead to a costly chimney repair that could have been avoided by routine preventative service. Get a Jacksonville FL chimney sweep today! It is recommended that your solid fuel burning appliances and their chimneys be checked or swept once a year. Also after any natural disaster or roof damage at or around the fireplace and chimney system.

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Getting a chimney sweep or a chimney repair will also give you peace of mind while you burn. In many of the homes in the Jacksonville FL area prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys are used. These fireplaces are considered appliances and are UL listed. This almost guarantees a yearly chimney sweep and inspection by a professional is required. If any part of this system has been altered or if the manufacturer and/or insurance company determines that the fireplace and/or chimney were not maintained as stated in the manual, they will have reason not to pay the claim on a chimney fire or other fireplace or chimney related fires. Most of these manuals state to have a chimney sweep and/or inspection done once a year.


Replace it now or replace your entire fireplace and chimney later!

This Fireplace had a rusty chase pan or chase cover in Jacksonville FL. After years of that "drip drip" sound it rusted a number of holes in the firebox. Follow the pictures to see what happens when that little drip is ignored....

From this angle everything appears to be in decent condition, but with a flashlight and a look inside their is a number of holes within the firebox

At this point the fireplace is no longer safe and the whole system must be replaced.

Chimney Leak

Having your chase pan rust is normal to occur over time. This is a very serious problem and necessary chimney repair. If your chase pan develops holes, even pin holes, there is very little keeping water from getting to the top of your firebox and rusting through that as well. At that point you have a problem that typically leads to costly chimney repair or even replacing the entire system. By replacing your chase pan at the first signs of rust you are saving a lot of money and keeping your home safe. Remember, around and below your prefab fireplace and chimney is wood! Even if you see brick on the facing! It is a metal box and pipes sitting on and around wood. The rest is decoration. If your firebox rusts through and you light a fire, you are inches away from setting your home on fire! If your chase pan looks like the pictures above, book a free chimney leak repair quote with All American Specialty Services and have it replaced. Our professionals can handle any type of chimney sweep, chimney leak, or chimney repair necessary.

Orange Park, Fleming Island, St Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the surrounding areas

This Fireplace may look fine, but lets take a closer look below!

This is a Fire Hazard and a Costly Repair!!

Replace your rusty chase pan to fix your chimney leak before this happens to you!

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